Incorporate a company

The benefits of using First Corporate to incorporate a company

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The benefits of using First Corporate to incorporate a company

At First Corporate, we provide a full and comprehensive company incorporation service within 24 hours (usually 3-4 hours). The companies are incorporated electronically through our bespoke company formation system, FirstOrder. Our company formation package consists of the following:

  • Certificate of incorporation – hard copy and emailed.
  • Draft first board minutes – emailed.
  • Memorandum and articles (our own legally drafted and counsel approved articles under the 2006 Act) – emailed.

Companies can be formed with standard capital, class shares, or even redeemable preference shares. We can tailor the articles to suit your requirements.

Incorporate a company

What are the benefits of using First Corporate to incorporate a company?


  • Drafted by specialist legal counsel.
  • More substantial draft compared to the model articles. Allows for nil and partly paid shares, call and forfeiture, and single director voting.
  • Recognised draft used by lawyers and accountants throughout the UK.
  • Allows for class shares and the rights of the shares.
  • Easy to amend to include special clauses, such as pre-emption rights.

Formation process

FirstOrder secretarial software users benefit from additional perks when incorporating a company.

  • The company is automatically added to FirstOrder on incorporation, including officers and shareholders.
  • The Persons of Significant Control position is automatically calculated based on the shareholder/membership.
  • Officer and shareholder details are populated from people already held within the company secretarial software.

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