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It is now possible to suppress a residential address by making an application with Companies House.

Available documents for suppression

Companies Act 1985 filings:

  • first directors and secretary and intended situation of registered office (Form 10)
  • appointment of a director or secretary (Form 288a)
  • change of particulars of a director or secretary (Form 288c)
  • annual return (Form 363 or Form 363s)
  • registration of a place of business of an overseas company (Form 691)
  • changes of the directors or secretary of an overseas company, or of their particulars (Form 692(1)(b))
  • return delivered for registration of a branch of an overseas company (Form BR1)
  • return by an overseas company subject to branch registration of change of directors or secretary or of their particulars (Form BR4)

Companies Act 2006 filings:

  • application to register a company (Form IN01)
  • appointment of director (Form AP01)
  • change of a director’s details (Form CH01)
  • annual return (Form AR01)
  • registration of an overseas company opening a UK establishment (OS IN01)
  • appointment of a director of an overseas company (OS AP01)
  • change of details of a director of an overseas company (OS CH04)

Who can make the application?

  • an individual whose URA was placed on the public record in respect of a company after 1 January 2003, you can apply to have your URA made unavailable for public inspection
  • a company, you can apply to make the addresses of your members and former members that were placed on the public record after 1st January 2003 unavailable for public inspection
  • a person who presents a charge for registration (other than the company that created the charge or acquired the property subject to the charge) on or after 1 January 2003, you can apply to have the address used for the purpose of registration made unavailable for public inspection

How to make an application

To make an application telephone or email the secure register team. They’ll advise you about the process and provide the relevant forms. These forms are only available from the secure register team, and will only be accepted on the coloured paper provided.

Telephone the team on 02920 348354 to request forms or enquire about the process. Alternatively, you can request forms by emailing

If you have a general query about protection, email

Applications should be sent to:

The Registrar of Companies

PO Box 4082


CF14 3WE

Application Fee

The fee is £55.00 for each document containing a Residential address to be suppressed.



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