Share Structures and Company Law Services

Sub Division/Consolidation Pack £125.00
Reclassification of Share Capital or Creation of Class Shares £160.00
Share Reclassification with allotments and/or transfers £165.00
Share Reclassification with Bonus Issue or Sub-Division £190.00
Share for Share Exchange £145.00
Redeemable Preference Share creation with Articles £190.00
Purchase of Own Shares (out of Distributable Reserves) (includes Contract) £175.00
Purchase of Own Shares (out of Cash and including updating Articles to allow for cash) £300.00
Purchase out of capital (exclusive of Advertising fees) £300.00
Reconstruction of Company Registers £80-£200
Allotment of Shares Pack £75.00
Transfer of Shares and General Minutes £55.00
Bonus and Rights Issue Packs £100.00
Restoration of a Company (exclusive of court fees and treasury solicitors fees) £800.00
Restoration – Administrative (exclusive of treasury solicitors fees and Companies House fees) £200.00
Reduction of Share Capital (including £10 duty fee) £165.00
Re-Registration of a Company (Private to PLC, PLC to Private, Unlimited to Limited, Limited to Unlimited and CIC re-registrations) £185.00
Shareholder Agreements £800.00