How to use the company secretarial system FirstOrder to form a company

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In this simple step-by-step guide, discover how to use our bespoke company formation system, FirstOrder, to form a company. The process is quick and easy.

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Step 1: Log in to your account

To access your account, click on the green ‘login’ button on the top right-hand side of our website. Then enter your log in details.

If you are unsure of your log in details, please contact us by calling (029) 2022 9080, or email

Step 2: Click on ‘form a new company now’

Form a company

Step 3: Select the appropriate formation 

You will be presented with two options. You can either form a company with your own officers and shareholders, or you can incorporate a company on a nominee basis.

The majority of companies add their own people at incorporation.

Form a companyStep 4: Select the type of company you would like to incorporate

Select either a company limited by shares, limited by guarantee, or an LLP.

Form a companyStep 5: Type in the proposed name of the company you wish to incorporate

If you are unsure if the proposed company name is available, conduct a name check by clicking on ‘check availability of name’ below the highlighted box.

Form a companyStep 6: Select the company type from the drop-down box

The following image shows a selection of the different types of limited companies that you can incorporate within FirstOrder.

Please note that we do not use the model set of articles. First Corporate’s articles are drafted by legal counsel.

Form a companyStep 7: Incorporating a company with multiple share classes

If you wish to incorporate a company with multiple share classes at incorporation, click on ‘add a share type’. It is more cost-effective to form a company with multiple share classes at incorporation than it is to perform a share restructure at a later date.

Form a companyOnce you have clicked ‘add a share type’, you will be taken to another screen. Enter the share class and the nominal value. From the drop-down box, select the voting rights for the shares. A description of the voting rights can be found below in blue.

Click ‘save’ once you are finished.

Repeat this process to add as many share classes as you wish.

Form a companyStep 8: Add a person

To add a person to the company, click on ‘add a person’.

Form a companyExisting people within FirstOrder Secreterial will appear in the drop-down box. This means you do not have to type in the information from scratch. If they are a new person, tick the box to confirm they are not within the list. Then click ‘continue’.

Form a companyYou will then be taken to another screen. Tick if the client you are adding is a director or secretary, and enter how many shares (if applicable) they are going to be allocated. For guarantee companies, tick if the person is to be a member.

As you scroll down, if the client you are adding is new, you will need to fill out their details. It’s the same basic information as you see on an AP01 form, or you enter directly on the Companies House website.

Click ‘save’ once you are finished.

Form a companyStep 9: Enter the registered office address

If you would like the registered office address to be you be your organisation, from the drop-down box, select ‘our organisation’. If the registered office address is going to be the client’s address, select their name from the drop-down.

Alternatively, you can manually type the address in.

Step 10: Enter the SIC code(s)

As you can see from the following image, as soon as you start typing in the description, it will shortlist the code.

Step 11: Optional extras

Once the SIC code has been entered, the rest of the form is only relevant if any other goods are required with the incorporation.

You will be given the opportunity to add extra articles, and to select whether you would like an object clause (most companies leave it as general commercial).

Under the heading ‘company formation package and prices’, you can select additional goods with your incorporation. For instance, if you require bound copies of the articles, a register, or a seal.

You can register the company for the CT41G at incorporation by clicking on ‘HMRC registration’.

Click on ‘first board minutes’ if you require hard copies of the first board minutes and completed statutory registers. This can be done in the company secretarial software at a later date.

Step 12: Once you are finished, click on ‘next’

Step 13: Check the PSC register and submit the formation

The final webpage will tell you who is going to appear on the PSC register. This is calculated automatically based on the shareholder/member information entered in the previous section.

If you are happy that everything has been entered correctly, you can submit the formation by clicking on ‘submit for formation’.

The formation will then come through to us. We wait approximately 15 minutes before we lodge the formation at Companies House, in case you or the client may change your mind. If not, the company will be formed within 24 hours.

As soon as the company has been incorporated, we will email you the certificate, the articles, the six-digit authentication code for web filing, plus any additional electronic products you may have ordered.

All the incorporation details will be automatically transferred into our company secretarial software, and your statutory books will automatically be completed. We put a copy of the certificate and articles against the company, to ensure you have a copy online. We also put the filing code against the company, to ensure you can electronically file with Companies House.

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