The FirstOrder secretarial prices are per company, so you only pay for the companies you are administering. There is no “buying in blocks” unlike most of our competitors, and, as our system is web based, there is no limit or additional cost to the number of users.

FirstOrder Secretarial Prices

0 -100 Companies £8.00per company p/a
101-200 Companies £7.00 per company p/a
201-300 Companies £6.00 per company p/a
301-400 Companies £5.00 per company p/a
401-500 Companies £4.00 per company p/a
500 + Companies £3.00 per company p/a
Archived companies £0.70 per company p/a

Cloud Library: £70.00 + vat p/a which cover all of your companies.

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