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  • Form and administer companies in a seamless framework.
  • Formed companies appear automatically in the secretarial pages on incorporation.
  • Monitor formation stages as they happen.
  • Form all types of companies (including limited, guarantee, LLP, CTC, CIC, flats, and more) with bespoke approved articles and lots of options & extras.

Company secretarial features, reports, and documents:

  • All common company types formed and supported, including limited, guarantee, LLP, CIC, CTC and PLC (unlisted).
  • Fully integrated e-filing for annual return and officer/member appointments, resignations, changes, and share allotments.
  • Full set of high-quality PDF paper forms for common secretarial functions.
  • All on-screen tables, registers, and reports are provided with “printable views”.
  • All common minutes and resolutions in Word compatible downloadable documents. AGM, general, first board, appoint & terminate officer, share transaction minutes, dividend distribution.
  • All statutory registers. Allotments, transfers, members, directors, directors residential addresses, guarantee and LLP members, secretaries, mortgages and charges, executions (and sealings), debentures.
  • Full dividend management, including dividend waiver certificates and very high-quality dividend vouchers. Input the amount to distribute – FirstOrder does everything else by analysing the shareholdings and waivers.
  • Very professional share certificates as PDFs.
  • Document library holding articles and downloadable certificate of incorporation.
  • Filing of DCA (dormant accounts).

Professional service level, support, data security, and product heritage:

  • Give us a simple 2 column spreadsheet with company numbers and their CH filing codes, and we will upload all your companies from the latest Companies House data for free!
  • FirstOrder is fully supported by phone and email within the price of your subscriptions.  With your permission, we can look at your account and see the same pages and the same companies, personnel, and shares as you do. This means we can give support as if we were sitting right there with you.
  • We encourage user requests for new features. Implementation is to our servers so everyone benefits straight away, and no new versions need to be downloaded or installed by you. New features are therefore implemented as soon as possible.
  • Written by Clint Smith, the author of the first-ever secretarial package – the original (1983) Jordans PC Secretary. That’s a lifetime’s experience in providing the right systems solutions for company secretarial management. Although FirstOrder completely replaced our original Solo offline package in 2009, the legacy know-how going forward gives FirstOrder a full 12-year history of development.

Last but not least…

FirstOrder is hosted on totally secure servers with the UK’s largest secure data host, and connections use HTTPS and AES encryption.

  • RAID 5 multiple mirrored disk storage, onsite and offsite backup nightly.
  • Server availability: continuous.
  • Server downtime (in 3 years): 1 occasion, 15mins (out of hours, planned upgrade to faster server).
  • Number of system crashes: 0
  • Data loss logged: 0
  • Data errors logged: 0
  • Errors in individual scripts (i.e. bugs when upgrading any of the 400 or so scripts (programs) from time to time) average fix time: <15mins.
  • User requested new features: average implementation time <1 week.  The fastest implementation to date was search filters for companies, people and workload tables – same day (4 hrs).

For further information contact:- | 07825 704604 | 07827 666142