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Enhancements to company formations

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Enhancements to company formations

We have implemented a few improvements to our company formation process via FirstOrder (

Nil, partly & premium paid shares

Nil paid shares


  • If the shares are being issued as nil-paid, part-paid or premium-paid shares, then tick the check box under the appropriate share type
  • Fill in both amounts in the drop down section – the total amount paid for the share allocation and the total amount further payable for the share allocation
  • The sum of the amount paid and the amount further payable cannot be less than the number of shares multiplied by the nominal value. For example 100 shares at £1 nominal value is £100.00
  • In the case of premium-paid shares the sum of the amount paid and amount further payable can be more than the number of shares allocated multiplied by the nominal value

Business bank account

You can now ask for a bank to contact you or your client following incorporation to discuss setting up a business bank account.

  • Enter a person (director/shareholder) and provide an email address within the contact area

Email contact

  • Within the additional products region click the ‘Business Bank Account’ button and select the person to be contacted

On incorporation the nominated person will receive an email. Contained within the email will be a link to view the bank accounts who would like to contact you. Once you have chosen a bank account the bank will contact the nominated person to discuss their offering.

CIC incorporations – upload form CIC36

CIC company type

Once the CIC company type is selected a button will appear to upload the CIC36 form. This will need to be signed before being uploaded. We will then transmit the CIC formation along with the CIC36 elecetronically to Companies House.

Upload CIC36

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