Full Corporate Law Price List

Corporate Law – Full Services List

Change of Name

Change of Name Pack £85.00
Electronic Change of Name £44.00
Simultaneous Change of Name £170.00

Reprinting/Editing Articles of Association

Reprinting First Corporate Articles (5 bound copies) £55.00
Adopting New Articles (2006 Act First Corporate Draft) £120.00
Editing, amending, updating non-FCLS draft Articles inc Typesetting £200.00
Reprinting and updating word version Articles (5 Bound Copies) £100.00
Typesetting £150.00

Share Structures and Company Law Services

Sub Division/Consolidation Pack £125.00
Reclassification of Share Capital or Creation of Class Shares £160.00
Share Reclassification with allotments and/or transfers £165.00
Share Reclassification with Bonus Issue or Sub-Division £190.00
Share for Share Exchange £145.00
Redeemable Preference Share creation with Articles £190.00
Purchase of Own Shares (out of Distributable Reserves) (includes Contract) £175.00
Purchase of Own Shares (out of Cash and including updating Articles to allow for cash) £300.00
Purchase out of capital (exclusive of Advertising fees) £300.00
Reconstruction of Company Registers £80-£200
Allotment of Shares Pack £75.00
Transfer of Shares and General Minutes £55.00
Bonus and Rights Issue Packs £100.00
Restoration of a Company (exclusive of court fees and treasury solicitors fees) £800.00
Restoration – Administrative (exclusive of treasury solicitors fees and Companies House fees) £200.00
Reduction of Share Capital (including £10 duty fee) £165.00
Re-Registration of a Company (Private to PLC, PLC to Private, Unlimited to Limited, Limited to Unlimited and CIC re-registrations) £185.00
Shareholder Agreements £800.00


NB. All Prices are exclusive of VAT

To assist and advise clients we operate a Corporate Technical Desk which provides a comprehensive range of specialist services. This schedule outlines the most common areas, however we are pleased to advise and quote on any element of a company’s structure.


What do our clients say,

“I came across First Corporate through our membership of UK200 Group and can’t speak highly of them enough. We use their company secretarial software including company formation service and it makes dealing with those aspects far easier and more efficient, they are also quick to respond with support queries on the rare occasions we have had to contact them. We also use them for company secretarial documentation such as purchase of own shares or share reclassifications, where the turnaround has been quick, reasonably priced and in return we have the confidence that our clients have complied with company law aspects in what can be complicated areas leaving us to concentrate on the tax side.”