Corporate Law Technical Guide

First Corporate provides a corporate law technical help desk to assist and guide clients who may wish to seek further information before instructing. Advice is free – please contact us on 029 2022 9080, email us at, or click here to request further information.

Special Share Structures
(Alphabet Shares, Preference, Redeemable Preference)

Alphabet shares, redeemable preference shares, sub-division and consolidation are all different ways of restructuring the company’s share capital. We can provide a full pack containing all resolutions, minutes, forms and notices to effect the share structure required. Our full service provides a change in the articles of association to define the rights and restrictions of the shares and full update to the 2006 Companies Act. Final bound copies of the new articles once the service has been completed are also included. For further advice or information please e-mail

Share for Share Exchange

We can draft the necessary minutes, written resolutions, allotment and transfer forms to effect a share for share exchange. Please note the service does not include any written agreement between parties.

Change of Company Name

Should you wish to change the name of your company, our change of name pack contains all resolutions, notices and minutes to enable the change of name to take place. Our prices include the £10 duty payable to the registrar and all the necessary name checks. We can also assist with changing the name electronically with Companies House which so long as the company has no sensitive words can be dealt with a lot quicker and cheaper than the manual route. We also provide packs for a simultaneous name change.

Reduction of Share Capital

We provide a full pack of resolutions, minutes and forms along with SH19 statement of capital and statement of solvency to reduce share capital, share premium account, capital redemption reserves or to cancel shares by reduction.

Purchase of Own Shares

Our purchase of own shares pack contains all resolutions, minutes and notices to effect a purchase of own shares out of distributable profits or out of capital. Draft contracts are provided along with the forms SH03 and SH06. For further advice or information, please e-mail

Re-registration of Company

Private to public, public to private, or even unlimited to limited. We can provide a full pack containing all resolutions, notices and minutes along with the required forms and draft copy of new articles of association. The price includes company registration duty payable to Companies House. We will arrange to update the articles upon receipt of the certificate of re-registration.

Amending, Updating, and Re-printing
Articles of Association

Our updating service includes all necessary resolutions, notices and minutes and draft new articles of association to fully update a company’s constitution to the latest 2006 Act. We can also update an existing version to include changes that may have happened over a given period. We will provide fully personalised copies of the final version once resolutions have been filed. For further advice or information, please e-mail

Shareholder Agreements

We can arrange shareholder agreements for a set fee. We will send you a questionnaire, and will draft the agreement from the information given. For a more extensive list of services, please see our Full Company Law Price List.

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