Company Secretarial Services

First Corporate offer a Secretarial Outsourcing Service that takes care of all statutory annual filing.

Principally this includes the Confirmation Statement, share transfers, allotments and minutes on behalf of the client company.

Increased Compliance

Company Secretarial compliance has increased over the last few years especially since the introduction of Persons of Significant Control legislation.

Many accountancy firms are having to devote more and more of their time to this, which is not always the most rewarding aspect of their practice services.

Some firms delegate Company Secretarial responsibilities to colleagues who might otherwise be involved in more productive activities.

In some cases, maybe even the partners and Managers deal with these matters.

We Can Help

If you are finding Company Secretarial compliance to placing more pressure on practice time then First Corporate has a solution.

Our dedicated Secretarial team will utilise our Secretarial system FirstOrder to process your company events, consequently ensuring all statutory obligations are met.


Based on the number of companies you administer, and start from as little as £15.00 + vat per company, per annum.

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Finally, if you would like to find out more, please feel free to give us a call or use the form below to contact us to discuss this service and obtain a quote.