Company formation in Ireland

Company incorporation in Ireland

Company formation in Ireland: What are the benefits?

Company formation in Ireland. Many new start ups are choosing Ireland as their destination for incorporation as an alternative to the UK, to continue free trade with the EU following Brexit. There are also a number of additional benefits, some of which are listed below.

  • Low Corporation Tax: Ireland’s Corporate Tax is set at 12.5%
  • English speaking jurisdiction
  • Ireland is ranked highly in the list of jurisdictions easiest to do business

Formation Requirements

The requirements for a company formation in Ireland are very similar to the UK. However if you are a non-Resident you will be requirement to put in place a Section 137 Bond, which acts as security.

  • Company name – Must be descriptive
  • Business activity – Similar to the SIC code in the UK
  • Registered office – Must be in Ireland
  • Minimum of one Director – Must be from an EEA member state (unless a security Bond is in place)
  • Company Secretary – Where the company has only one Director, that person may not hold the position of Company Secretary
  • Shareholder(s) – Minimum of one who can also be the sole Director
  • Constitution – Similar to the Articles of Association in the UK
  • Beneficial Owners – Similar to the Persons with Significant Control in the UK. The Beneficial Owners are entered on a separate register
  • Documents must be signed and delivered to the Registry in paper format
  • Incorporation takes 2-5 business days

How We Can Help

Company Formation

First Corporate can assist with the formation of a Southern Irish Company, from £350.00 + VAT. You also have the option to add additional services such as a Registered Office and Security Bond for non-Residents. Please click ‘Order now’ below to complete our order form.

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